Two rejected corporate tracks, would love some feedback to get better!

Hey all,

I recently submitted two tracks under the “corporate” category but they both got rejected for not being up to “commercial quality.” Are they too repetitive? My mixing not up to snuff? Thanks for the feedback!


Hi ! on the first track:

  1. You make a very long and static guitar. You can make the arrangement more different.
  2. The "Kick’ is very small and weak. Also use compression on the whole instrument and group (drums, guitars, percussion)
  3. Use references for different genres.

In the second track, too, you need to work with the arrangement and mixing.

Yh your mixing and mastering is a bit off as well as your arrangement but the general ideas deffo have potential. For the first track, start with more elements playing at the same time right from the beginning and have less drum rolls since it gets a bit distracting… also work on your mixing a bit more since some elements are a bit too loud and I can hear the bass clipping at parts… for the second track, have the bass an octave lower and quieter and make the kick more present in the mix. Also try to mix up the arrangement on both to make them less repetitive.

Good luck tho man and keep at it! :slight_smile:

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Hi! There are some cool ideas in both tracks! But I think there are some reasons why they are rejected.

1 Track:

  • Intro guitar is playing too sparsely and there no groove to it. It doesn’t make you feel anything. It should be faster and more rhythmical. Then kick should be also more frequent. Development in the track stops pretty quickly after beginning. Also, there is no obvious culmination, which is not what people generally like. Instrument sounds are chosen well (good job!), so the problem is on the arrangement side.

2 Track:

  • There is some groove to the intro but it still too sparse and not rhythmical enough. All the issues are related to the arrangement development. 15 second for such sparse into is too much. There are almost no changes during the track, so people are getting bored pretty quick. Sounds are pretty nice, although kick and bass guitar are lacking low frequencies. Probably your monitoring system won’t let you control lows carefully. If this is true, I would suggest you upgrade your setup.

So what can I say overall? You picked mostly nice sounds, but the arrangement is not interesting enough for approval. I asked myself when just started making stock music “Why should track have an interesting development? It’s just a background music, who cares!”. But actually, it must be interesting and buyers really care about it. Also, a track can be a top seller being pretty boring. Why are people still buying it? Probably, there is some awesome or unusual groove to it, or some awesome or unusual sound :blush:

I would suggest you work on the arrangement. Sure, everything could also sound much wider and bigger, but
track development would be my main priority here. I wish you well and hope my post will be somewhat useful :wink: