Need some advice/feedback for the rejected Corporate track...

Hi there, I’m new around here and tried to upload my first Corporate track.

It got rejected, I need some advice please,


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the idea is good, but in my opinion, the guitar sounds midi, try to get a better quality of the guitar, and do some variations with the structure, and it’s good to make breakdown sometimes.
I wish you good luck with your next submission.

Hi - I agree with SprodMusic’s comments. Nice idea, but the guitar does sound a bit thin and robotic. The track is also too repetitive. Take the listener on a journey - from intro, through verse, chorus, bridge and outro, but keeping in mind the purpose of your track is to support the visual without being intrusive. Listen to top sellers and analyze what they do. It really helps! Also think about giving editors lots of good edit points. You’ll get there with practice. Keep at it :slight_smile:


your guitar: feels midi, robotic, unnatural. The pattern is monotonous.

drums: I think its not the right sound. Try a softer kick and snare sound. Personally I don’t like the snare pattern. I would remove the ghost notes.

overall, I would try a B section or just a different vibe for the middle of the track (could be chord progression change, instrument change, melody change, etc.) Keeping it simple doesn’t mean monotonous.

With all the saturation on this style of music on AJ, I think you have to put something unique or different from the other million of corporate tracks out there. Maybe its not only about quality, its because it sounds the same like all the other tracks.

Hi kuth_7,

I just submitted my first corporate track, fortunately it got accepted so I might be able to give you some advice. I would agree with some of the other commenters, your instruments, particularly the bass to my ear sound quite artificial. The bass is played at the same velocity the whole way through. I think your drums and percussion are quite good, a little verb on the snare would make it feel more alive and real. The other thing that stands out is that the track doesn’t really have a strong “B” section - try varying up the melody or adjusting the instrumentation to add a little variation - I think it gives the buyer more options when it comes to their project!

All the best!

thank you all for your interest :slight_smile: many useful tips noted! :slight_smile:

I’m not able to record live instruments since I don’t have an audio interface… Yet saving money for it.

I know it has a huge impact on sound quality as well… Until then, I’ll go MIDI :slight_smile: