Corporate Reject

Hi Guys!
Give me feedback please! Why my corporate track was rejected! Very important for me! Thank you!

Mostly cause of Piano, and some reverse sounds are cut off earlier than needed and creates a gap. Also too repetitive reverse fx, every 8 bars. Other wise its pretty cool!

Use less reverse fx, only where there are needed not everywhere. Make the piano softer sounding, and remove some low frequencies make it more airy and lower in volume, and the piano melody has too much energy! keep it minimal


Many thank you, mate!

Hi :wink:

In my opinion, the reason for rejection is an unnaturally sounding piano melodic section from 0:19 also the melody itself should be more hidden, more subtle if we treat the corporate genre as a background. (additionally the volume of the melody itself destroys the mix volume balance)

Also thinking that the transition at 0:35 has not been as marked as it should, that’s why the whole song gives the impression of loosely changing ideas, melodies instead of a “stable” song with the chosen direction.

White noise transitions are in my opinion badly balanced when it comes to volume levels. (I recommend it as you have heard in some popular corporate tracks on AJ (and everywhere else) use reverse reverb tail at the very beginning to avoid leaving single samples as full transition)

The piano sounds hard with a longer sub-tones is very often used in this genre, so in my opinion the problem lies in what I wrote above. (the biggest problem is the melody of the piano, which comes from 0:19 seconds, in my opinion it influenced the rejection of the song, if you get rid of it, I am convinced that the song would be accepted.)

It is worth trying in my opinion!

  • around 2:15, you copy the melodies on the piano with octaves, it sounds bad. (you do not need it)

I am listening on headphones, mix sounds ok for aj standards

(0:38 guitar melody is awesome and in my opinion you should replace the piano melody with it)


Thank you so much for your detailed answer!

To my ears, this track lacks the human touch. What I mean by that is that it sounds programmed rather than played. Velocities sound far too similar and timings are all quantized. It is all too mechanical. In addition, the velocities used are at the high end of the scale.

I suggest dialing things back and playing in the parts. Allow some variance in velocity and timing. Let it sound human. The idea for the track is sound. But the execution is stiff to my ears.

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Thanks a lot!

great point. I’m taking notes… clear melodic line, that is, predictable but not monotonous…
thanks for the advices, very useful topic.