Hey, skilled AJ users! I need your help and advise with my rejected track

Hey everyone. I know a lot of beginners ask you to clear the reasons of their rejected tracks. So sorry, i’ll ask that question again.

It’s really important to me, 'cause i’ve spent a lot of time working on that track after last rejection 2 months ago. But after all this hard and careful work i’ve got the same result.

So it would be very important and useful to me to here your opinion on the reasons of this rejection

Thank you and good sales!

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First reaction is “Oh no, not one more corporate template tune!”

I don’t find anything inherently bad in the tune itself. Maybe it’s just a bit too repetitive even for a corporate jingle. I guess the review process has just evolved to a point where corporate jingles have to be really, really, really good to get through as the AJ is just so full of them and every day brings more.

Sorry that I can’t offer you any clear pointers, I guess it is also a bit of luck really to find a reviewer on a good mood. Corporate genre is tricky as it’s so competed.


Firstly, I have to say I’m not an experienced user and I struggle with hard rejects as well.

I think the mixing and mastering quality are good enough for AJ. Like already mentioned in the post above, the quality bar for Corporate genre is really high. It’s not even a ‘quality’ bar, but rather ‘commercial value’ bar. The only issue I can see with this track is that it’s a little too repetitive and a little too long. I guess the reviewers are looking for something exceptional or a different kind of a corporate track.

Did the reviewer mention the reason of the reject?

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I’m not a master of that “corporate” genre but I think this sounds too “cheesy”.
I’d use more quality vst or real instruments to add more value, dynamic and feel.
Keep going! :+1:

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Maybe a lot of sharp treble frequencies? Or is it saundcloud kills hi frequencies?

“one more corporate template tune!” - this is not the main reason, I think.
Dude, this not bad corporate music. But it is not unique. Need more arrangements, maybe.

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To be honest with you i wasn’t sure about that sharp trebles. But sure i’ve took as the sound example one of the top corporates on AJ

Yes, i think you’re right man. It seems there a lot of hidden reason to get rejection with any corporate, or it’s just a conspiracy theory lol

this thought is 100% truth. thank you