Rejected, Somebody enlighten me please.

Hi Everyone, sorry to bother with another “My item was rejected” post…

Anyway , I am ok with this but I will be glad to have some feedback on that song ( which I put in the corporate , upbeat genre by the way ).
I am aware it’s already super crowded, so that’s may be why I did not shine here :D, I may try to explore other genre for a next one as well.

here the link

Thanks in advance for those that will take the time to give a bit of feedback here.

Cheers and happy composing everyone !

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Not bad! But definitely not a fit for the corporate/upbeat genre. It’s probably a little too “non-AJ” sounding to get accepted here at all, but I don’t think that’s due to the quality of the music, just the way this marketplace is.

Thanks for replying, ok thanks for the input and yeah I agree , listening to what here regarding corporate “sounding” this track doesn’t really fit in I guess :smiley:

I will see other genre see If that may be more comfortable haha.

Thanks !