My first tracks rejected, your help is really appreciated

Hello everybody,
Could you please help me and find out what is wrong with those tracks as they were rejected?

These are my first tracks, so it will help me a lot.


The corporate track sounds too general and I find that there are already a lot in the audiojungle market like that, maybe they want something different, you can make a corporate track but with a more fresh musical element / type of music. For example by adding more synth elements.

The piano melody on “Childis” track sounds interesting, I like that. But maybe you should add bassline. Just like in “Bright”, this track also requires a bassline, low guitar sound is not enough to meet bassline needs.

Overall, try to listen to the quality of mixing and mastering similar music that is already popular in audiojungle. I listened to the sound of your strumming guitar feeling less real and less bright on EQ, I didn’t know you were using real (organic sound) guitar or vst, but I’m sorry to say that the sound of the guitar is like VST which has expired (long time ago people haven’t used it ), so does the sound of the string.

And also attent the use of verb effects and delay, the sound of what you feel must be wet or dry. My experience in processing music using DAW, the sound quality is very much the result of our music, a soundcard / audio interface that has a pre amp will produce a good mixdown / bounce result.

Keep trying and don’t give up!

By the way, sorry if my language isn’t understood, my English is bad :slight_smile:

Hi kAng333chestra, your English is great and thank you for your valuable feedback, I will follow your advice and try to improve the quality of the tracks. I was also wondering could intro or outro be the reason of rejection? I try to analyse everything to find out…