Got Rejected! Can you pls give more info?

Hi guys! That was my first upload ever on AJ and my first corporate track also. Any thoughts why it was rejected? In the email they say that it does not meet general commercial quality required. But what it means exactly? Arangement, sound, instruments, mixing or mastering issues?
Thanks in advance!

Hello, i think i can understand you… i am author too, with a few files on videohive, graphicstock and a single sound on audiojungle. i had many rejectons too, you can believe me this and the reasons were normally same as at your track. i did not fond out yet what it is needs to get the items more accepted. i listened to your track, and i like it. i can not hear a specific difference between other corporate tracks here. this will maybe not help you, but be sure, you are not alone with this… :slight_smile: do you have other items here on envato? best regards and good luck for the next uploads

Hi! I’m not a specialist, and i,m have 2 rejected tracks :dizzy_face:… but in my opinion - Lead Synth and drums parts, in corporates sound differently, more commercially, you know. You sound not bad, but it is a more lively sound, more of rock music… :metal:

Maybe, while working, find and listen some examples reference track and analyze every instruments how does it sound, and how it’s work in the mix…

Often after such checks, I make a lot of changes, even in the final stages of work, when it’s time to bounce the final track :nerd_face:

Tnx for advices fellow creators! Will consider them next time, cuz as far as I understand, I can not resubmit the same item once more.
No, this is my first item ever.