Help! Audiojungle rejected my track reason of does not meet the general commercial quality standard

Hello, everybody!
audiojungle rejected my track reason of does not meet the general commercial quality standard. I want to understand why what’s wrong with my track?
I would appreciate your opinion!
Thank you.

Hey DC2! I think that your track has a lot of really nice elements that make for a great corporate track, but I can see some issues that maybe could have led to a rejection. This is all just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

Personally, I think some of the instruments you are using are not great quality, or not treated properly. The strings and ‘electric guitar’ parts are the biggest problems in this regard. They both have that computery sound to them and don’t sound very realistic. The bass and drums also are a bit too ‘perfect’ sounding for me. Maybe messing with the velocities/quantization could help here?

I also think there are some mix issues going on here. It sounds a bit too bright at times, but also a bit thin. I think you need to fill out the space more, as well as possibly tweaking some the reverb at certain parts, or maybe putting in some more instruments to fill in that mid-range, or just reducing the highs of some parts.

Also, the whole second section/version is kind of odd. The guttural, zombie sound seems super out of place to me. It is also hard to tell what this section is. Is it a part of the main song? Because it sounds like it ends, but then it goes into that second section a bit unexpectedly.

Just my thoughts upon listening. Best of luck!


Hey. Thanks for the feedback! This is useful. I will follow your advice