Feedback requested on rejected corporate track

I would really appreciate some feedback on my corporate track, which was rejected as “does not meet the general commercial quality standard”…

I took some time to carefully match the sound, instruments and harmony of this track to trending and high selling items as they asking, but no luck ((

Kindly thanks for any help you can provide.

Nice track! I like it. May be too short.

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It’s short version, full takes about 3 minutes…
Thanks for good words btw)

Any ideas about rejection ?

Nope. I’m puzzled why they rejected it!
Watch this hour and 18 min video. Might help you. It’s about top rejections

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Thanks! Very helpful and informative.

Any more thoughts on this track, guys ?
What to improve, change approach next time ?

I’m Puzzled too!
This is why I’ve been almost two years without submitting any stuff here.
I really can’t understand it. I think that my best selling track ( it only has 6 sales :sweat_smile: ) is not as good as your rejected track, and I also thing it’s not as good as any of my other tracks, including some of the rejected ones. I wish they would provide more information as to why a track is rejected so we could learn from it in the future.

For example, I have a track that was rejected here and went on to cash in at Crucial Music, way more than the combination of all my track sales here. How can you understand this? :man_shrugging:

Anyway, keep up the good work.

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It’s possible it may have been rejected becuse it does not deviate from the main chord progression. As far as I can tell they like a track which comes away from then returns to it’s main structure (A-B-A etc)
Also perhaps try to add some delay onto your virtual guitar and maybe a tiny bit of drive to make it sound a littlemore realistic. The chord progression is a very highly used one and you can find thousands of tracks on the site which utilise it. It’s difficult to get your foot in the door here these days as there is already so much content

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DancingStrings, SuperGirlSounds, thanks for your input, appreciate that!

I completely agree with the previous posts.

The sound of a guitar could be made much better.

Also, in my opinion the mix is a little squeezed (by the limiter, maximizer), this is the first thing I noticed when I heard.

Also, in my opinion, it would be nice to add frequencies in the region of 200-300 hz, and tidy up a little in the region of 2000-4000 hz (khz). This will add a little body to the mix, which is lacking, and make it softer.

Good luck.

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1: I think the music is great. Maybe the main problem is mixing. You need to make it more realistic and try to add some delay onto your main guitar.

2: Is there a ping-pong delay effect on AJ watermark? I think it’s not allowed. that also could be a problem.

Good luck!

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SmartSounds that was a main idea to make the sound of track very soft and non-harsh, that’s why i reduced boominess at 200-300 hz and harshness at 2k-4k… probably too much)

back17ground yes, there is a delay at watermark, thanks for the tip, i’ll avoid it further on.

quality standards have gone up, better songs needed

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