Hard Rejected. I need some feedback from you. Thanks in advance.

Hello! I’ve been uploading tracks for AJ but all of them were rejected, and I accept that. I tried many different genres but there seems more demand for similar type “corporate” tracks in AJ. I decided to ask for adetailed (if possible) feedback/tips to improve myself from this community.
I’d love to have some feedback for one of my recent tracks which is by far the best track I produced in my opinion. Thanks in advance.

Delayed muted guitar is creating percussive effect, like a ticking clock. Maybe that’s the reason. Try lowpass the delay or/and choose another timing. I guess it’s 1/8 now, so I suggest try 1/8d (dotted).

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Thank you very much @Theo_Sound for your feedback. I’ll try it.

Any other solutions/suggestions/tips to improve myself?

Try to increase the attack time to muted guitar to reduce percussive effect. Or just try another guitar sound. Everything else is good IMHO.

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Thank you so much @ MogwaliMusic for the feedback. Highly appreciated. I’ll try it.

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Can somebody tell me anything apart from the ticking sound of muted guitar (which is I understood)?
Overall arrangement, sound selection, mixing and mastering?
I need to be sure whether I’m heading the right direction. Thank you.

It’s well crafted «classic style» corporate track, what else can be said. Composed well, mixed well, mastered well. I think the corporate category is really overcrowded and oversaturated this time, so I don’t put any efforts in creating this kind of tracks. I don’t know, maybe reviewers can sometime reject a track just because they think this market just don’t need it. Anyway it’s a game of numbers and I’d don’t take the rejection too much close to the heart, even well made items sometimes gets rejected. And you can upload your track elsewhere.


Thank you again @Theo_Sound for your support. Means a lot to me. :+1: