Another Hard Reject!


Hi everyone

Can someone please tell me why my latest track has been hard rejected, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you


Hello Kevin, I like the track overall, but there are things which I would consider changing. I think you could choose better clap sound and lower it’s volume level. The strumming guitar sometimes feels too bright, especially in the less bussy parts, you can try automating filter. I would also try to put 6db low pass filter on master bus to reduce the highs of all sounds, alternatively try high shelf filter. After listening it few more times I would say it’s a very good track, but it has too much energy starting from 1 kHz to the top high. I have noticed that similar tracks in the corporate music category are sometimes very dark, so the voice from the commercial could have it’s place. Maybe you could mix and master it one more time? and if you make additional versions, like shorter, instrumental and additional arrangement this might also increase it’s approval chances.


Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and for conveying your thoughts

Thanks once again.


I’m glad I could be helpful. See you.