Another hard rejection :( .. could I have feedback please as to why

Hi guys. Would really appreciate some feedback on this one which has been hard rejected. I have tried to compare / contrast to the ones on the site and was hoping this was comparable in quality / idea.

I have had a LOT of hard rejections :frowning: but never really know why.

Do they not have the idea of soft reject nowadays? … which I thought was that idea was good but need more work type thing.

Any advice would be gratefully received. Have a great day all.



I’ve listened your item.
The idea is great, I like it. :slightly_smiling_face:
You should have to try to make a shorter version first (33 sec for one logo may it could be a bit long). And second, try to fix some mixing problems.
The drums are not solid and seems to be too much in the background for me: try a bigger compression or a parallel compression, also on the snare. Kick and bass are not focused and they disturb each other in some part in the low end. Balance this mix in mono first if you have not done this yet.

I have also a second account and I had a lot of hard rejections with no reason so I can understand you. :pensive:

Generally with my first account (this one) I had some soft rejections for example errors in the tags or in the files I have uploaded. I’m thinking hard rejection is when the item for the reviewer is not good mixed and the idea is not great for sale.

About your item, I do not know…try as I said to make a shorter version, 15/20sec, a fix some things in the balance. :wink:

The first 8 seconds sound fine, but in my opinion, the sound of the lead guitar is just, well, terrible, as well as being way too loud. I assume you used a virtual amp, so it would be very easy to change.

I also agree with stardust1 that the drums are weak and not focused (messy background).

Personally, I would go for something more funky when the lead guitar comes in, that fits more with the intro. Right now it sounds quite unrelated to the intro.

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Many thanks for the advice… really appreciate it. I think my mixing skills are not great but will have a go with your points. Have a great day!!

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Yes I am using virtual amps so can certainly change this. I appreciate your advice. Many thanks. Quick question … does a hard reject mean I can’t resubmit this piece again. I am quite new to all this. Cheers and have a great day