Hard Rejected!

Hi everybody! I’m trying to learn here from rejections, it’s been 4 times in a row… Please take a listen to my track from the link below and any advice will be much appreciated!! They said it’s mixing/recording/sample/mastering problem.


Thank you so much!

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The snare is interesting, maybe you should change to a less interesting. And the hihat sounds noisy. Good song! :wind_chime:

Thank you for the advice! A few questions.

  1. When you said ‘interesting’, did you mean the tone of it? or the playing?
  2. Is there anything wrong with the guitar tone / recording / tuning / mixing? - I’m trying to see if there is anything I can fix :smile:
  3. Am I allowed to make adjustments and re-submit? Or is this song completely gone?

Thank you very much again for your time and words!

I think it’s a good track, and it’s a bit hard to explain exactly what should be changed, but overall it sounds a little too much like a demo and not polished enough.

There is too much open hi-hat and too many identical cymbal/crash hits for my taste, which also leads to an overall noisy sound.

I would like the sound to be fuller and “rounder”, with more variation in the drums, especially the cymbals/hi-hats, and overall toned down cymbals.


I agree with what Flumen said about needing to be fuller and rounder - i.e., more punch. The drums especially are overly compressed and flat. The hi-hat has sound issues too - much too sibilant.

This is a great composition with a lot of potential if you get the sounds and mix better. Per Envato stipulations, you can resubmit but ONLY IF IT CHANGES THE TRACK SIGNIFICANTLY. Be sure to explain your improvements in the comments-to-the-reviewer-box. Good luck on the project!


I think there’s nothing wrong with melody, sounds or idea. It’s a nice track! The problem is mixing/mastering in a way that it sounds muddy and kinda muffled. Not bright and tight, if you will. Usually this kind of positive rock has that lush and juicy sound that is a pleasure to listen to on its own. But overall, really nice track with commercial appeal!:+1:


Thanks Flumen! I think the word ‘noisy’ really describes what the problem is. I should start re arranging and producing the drums so it sounds less repetitive and robotic, and work on cymbal/hihat mix getting rid of the noisy feeling…Really appreciate your time and comment!


Thank you! Would you say the kick and snare doesn’t sound punchy enough? I agree with the cymbal and hi hat too…

Really appreciate the advice about the re-submission! As I’m still learning, I should work on it to make the significant change before I move on to the next project. I feel I would never change if I keep trying new things without knowing to fix problems.

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awww Thank you very much!! I’m hoping there would be not a big issue with the guitar/bass/piano part, but it’s the overall mixing not being bright and happy enough since I did my best with my current equipment for the recording. But your comment about general mixing for this particular genre teaches me a lot!! Thank you very much for your advice and the kind words :smiley:


.[quote=“weprotestglory, post:8, topic:69274”]
Would you say the kick and snare doesn’t sound punchy enough?
Yes. That’s how I hear it

Perfect! Thank you so much! One more question if you don’t mind. Does the drums sound too robotic?

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No. I think the drums have a good feel with the guitars. On my second listen though, your guitars and piano were all “dry”. I think you could use a small bit of reverb for a sense of space - just a sprinkle :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! This is a tremendous help!

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Nice track in many ways! I agree with most of what has been said above and don’t have anything to add after a quick listen on my phone speaker. Just a simple tip that has helped me a lot (but I still often “forget”)… Reference song! Choose a track you think sounds great and compare it to your track in detail and try to nail it!
Good luck!

I am sure the mix is problem here, btw great track :wink:

I agree it is a mixing/mastering problem.

-Spread the guitars across the spectrum lot more, they seem to be clumped together just to the left. The double tracked “Chugs” can also be spread, put one far left and the other far right.
It also feels like there’s a gap between the center and the far right, move one of the mid range instruments into that.

-Are the eqs of your different instruments similarly shaped? It sounds like you may have dipped or boosted the same frequencies in different instruments as they are fighting for the same space.

-Are you monitoring on bass heavy monitors or bassy headphones? The mid age is a bit over pronounced, and the low end seems a bit lost on my system.

I hope this helps, I’ve been here myself.
All the best moving forward!:+1: