Humble request for feedback


Hello everyone,
I would like to humbly ask for feedback to my track. I spent a lot of time trying to make the recording good, but it was rejected. So, I ask you, more experienced authors, for a few words about what I should improve and what is wrong. I would be very grateful.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Here is the track:

  • Main Version
  • Long Version
  • Short version
  • Loop A and B


Hi BlueSkylark - I think you have a pretty good arrangement with some variations that are interesting. However, the mix and some of the instruments are not good enough. Some particulars are:

  • In general the piano does not sit in the mix very well.
  • There are some bad piano sounds that pop out indicating piano sample issues or recording problems; particularly the high notes and the some of the low notes during paused quiet passages.
  • Cymbal rolls are too loud
  • The snare does not sit well in the mix and sounds like it’s recorded in an empty room
  • There are some bad tones that pop out at times; might be phasing between percussion and piano - try to find the source and filter it out.

I hope this helps. Keep working on your mixing skills. It’s an endless journey for all of us. :slight_smile:

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Thank you MidnightSnap for your feedback. :slight_smile: This is valuable information for me. I appreciate it. Do you think I should work more on this track and be able to re-submit it again although it was hard rejected ?


I think it is a great track to work on improving the instrument sounds and the mix & mastering process. You have a pretty good arrangement and the energy is very good. So I suggest using it to work on your skills:

  • compare your track to a few top sellers here, listen for the sonic differences and focus on the areas to improve:
  • instrument tone and how well the different instruments work together
  • volume balance between instruments
  • spacial presence between instruments (reverb, delay, and “dryness”)

Whether or not you resubmit is dictated by Envato’s rules. See the quotes at the bottom of this post.

First, work on getting this as close to “top seller” quality as you can. It’s a great exercise to go through. Then, when you have finished working on improvements, you can evaluate if it is improved enough to be entirely distinguishable from the first upload (per Envato rules). If the improvements are significant, resubmit. If not, you still have gained good experience by struggling through the improvement process. As they say…No pain, no gain!

I hope this helps. Good luck on your endeavors!

Extracted from Author Resources:
“If your item has been Hard Rejected, it cannot be re-submitted without first making a significant number of changes.The number of changes required to the design and features of the item, will mean it’s considered to be a completely new item and entirely distinguishable from the first upload.
Resubmitting without making any changes or any improvements is not considered acceptable use of Envato Market and repeated attempts may result in revoked upload rights.”

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