Please, I need feedback

Dear friends,

I know that these days everyone is very busy with their daily appointments, but I ask the kindness of someone to help me with feedback on my music.

I’ve had 10 songs rejected by Audiojungle and in all rejections they did not give me any feedback, they just tell me to ask for feedback here at the Forum.

So I urge someone to give me a comeback with some remarks about the song.

Follow the link

Many thanks (I’m sorry for my English, I’m using google translator)

Hey mate, that must have sucked. Here i just let you know before you upload your song, make sure you follow their guideline to write the title in English and without containing more than two adjective words.

I’ve listened to your song using my phone, I’m not sure but this is just my honest opinion, maybe it lacks commercial value. The drums playing on the fills/ending part sounds a bit strange compared to corporate tracks here. Also the lead instruments sound too loud, it hurts my ears pretty well. Maybe you need to take care of the mix for the next new items. Good luck!

Hello RainforestAudio ,
Thank you for your explanation. I’ll do as you suggested.

Thank you very much.


Melody in combination with the chords sounds weird.

Hello Audioland

Thanks for the note. I’ll analyze the melody.


Hi, the snare sound sounds out of context (not the good sounding snare in the style of the track I think) and the claps sounds weird (very narrow eq).

You have a bit of distrotion near the end with the loud piano notes. You need a better dynamics control on it. Overall the mix need a better frequency and volume balance between instruments. If you have an instruments too loud compared to others and you try to make the master as loud as professionnal master, it will sounded crushed/crackled at the end with the brickwall limiting. Try not to have more than 3/4 dBs of peaks compression with your brickwall limiting at the mastering stage. If the master is not loud enough, try to use more saturation, volume automation, compression, limiting on your instruments during the mix to control better the dynamics. Saturation diminish the peaks and make the sound sounds fuller, fatter and louder. Use the right type (tape, tube etc) for each element and don’t overuse it (saturation). You could use a bit more reverb on the piano to my taste too.

Hello AnthonySigouin,

Thank you so much for taking the time to review my music and bring me these remarks, they were very valuable to me.

I will follow your advice, which will certainly help me to achieve a better result.


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