Kindly Your Feedback Before Submit

Hi guys i’ need your help and your feedback on this track before send it ,
I would appreciate any advice

Thank you so much

Any help pls ?

IMO it’s probably a hard reject. Mix is drenched in verb, the bass/drum loop has no variation and sounds very static/machine like. It’s got some good ideas, and honestly approval here seems like a bit of a crap shoot these days so I could always be wrong but I definitely think you could work on the mix and the core (bass/drums) a bit more before submitting.

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Thank you So much @orbiterred for your helpful feedback
I will make sure to work on mixing and make some dynamics in bass nad drums

Any other Feedbacks ?

Good track, but i would suggest to reduce reverberation from piano and bells. Reverberation is too much in this track for my opinion. Next, whistle sounds a bit electronic and not natural, please make it more natural or just put in at background. Next compression/limiter on drums is too punchy, maybe do it less. Good luck and keep well.

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Thank youu soo muuch for your helpful feedback
I would fix that , thank you again

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