Rejected music

Hello everyone, I just received a letter where it was written that this music does not reach the quality of the site, I would like to know what is the reason or maybe some advice.

thank you for your time

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I haven’t even submitted a track yet so take this with a grain of salt:

The tail of the notes of most of your instruments seems pretty long to me. It makes the mix less clear it could be. I would crank the decay down and/or put less reverb/delay/sustain pedal.

This is just me getting creative but maybe I’d throw in some sort of arpeggio in there to fill the high frequency spectrum. I could also see a bassline coming in at 0:57.

This song definitely has potential, I’ve listened to it a few times without getting bored, it’s usually a very good sign.


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Hey there,

@Red-Eyed_Apostle already wrote some good points, I think. To me it also sounds like the overall “reverberation” is too much. Sounds a bit muddy. Also with the reverb on the beat (I would try to avoid reverb on a beat, if it is not 100% intended to sound exactly like this) it confuses me a bit if it is supposed to sound cinematic or hip-hop-ish. The beat sounds more like hip hop, while the other elements sound a bit more cinemaitc-alike.

At 2:26 min the mastering seems a bit too heavy. The sounds is pumping. Either work on the mastering or turn down the loudness (limiter or similar, probably). I, as a client, would prefer a clean mastering over a loud track. :wink:

Good luck.


I don’t have that much to add to be honest. But I also think you need to imagine the mix visually. Which element wants to be in the foreground? What needs to stay in the back?

Also take your time to choose the right drum samples, consider layering because your mix with the right processing will determine the overall feel and quality of your track. Don’t underestimate the effect choosing the right kick/clap/snare can do.

And mess around with the velocity, it’s a cinematic track so it should be as human as possible, velocity and mod wheel on the strings for example.
Last but not least, work with a reference track (this helps me a lot)
It helps me a lot quality wise, sometimes with the arrangement too. Drag the reference into your playlist and keep on comparing and get inspired a bit.

Hopefully that small info can be a bit helpful.
Best of luck! :wink: