Need feedback pls, hard reject(

Hi there! I would really appreciate feedback about this track.

Thank You!

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I really appreciate what you created ! it sounds great for people to put in the context .

really love it

Definitely not a type of track that would usually get approved here, but might be one of the rare cases in the forums that I think a different mixing approach might get you to approval. The guitars sound really good, why so quiet? The same goes for the drum fills. Turn those suckers up A TON. They can easily make your track sound 200% more alive. Drums too dry, try adding some more elements with a touch of reverb underneath. I’d use the ending drum section throughout the whole track, as it sounds more modern and full. I’d also try a full-on house beat, four-to-the-floor, as this could pass as a fashion track. Then again, can’t promise all this would be enough for an approval, but hopefully you get something out of it. :slight_smile: