Rejected track. Need Help!



My track was rejected, please leave your opinion why. I understand, that it isn’t ideal, and any comment will be great help for me.


I think, that main problems 1- with mixing and 2- diversity of track!
Try to make melody!)
Your track have the potential :slight_smile:


Thank you! I will dwell on this my attention in my next track. Thank you alot!


Maybe you can tell what exactly wrong in mixing? In your opinion.


For me It’s little empty)
I don’t feel “fat” in your mix hahah
I’m not a big expert in mixing, may be new leads or melody lines can help you)
Bass sounds flat)
In my opinion :slight_smile:


Guitar Intrusive.


Thank you all!



As others have said, I think the mixing is not the best, it sounds kind of flat, like it could use a little more life. The guitar might be a slight bit intrusive but the style of the track is actually pretty cool! good luck with future tracks :slight_smile:


Thank you!!