First Track: Rejected! (Feedback please)

Hi everybody!
Could you please give me some advice to get a better track? This is the fisrt track that I subbmited, and it got a hard rejection.
I’m open to hear everything.
Thank you in advance!

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All instruments are the same character. In that particular case it looks like poore sound.
Transitions should be made more carefully. Silence gap at 0:44 sounds as a mistake. IMHO. Good luck!

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I’ll add a little. You have problems with harmony. The instruments are playing incompatible chords. And the guitar is out of tune.

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hi sir,
on 1:34 play sound is not clear please check that and then try it.

As mentioned above, synth and guitar are out of tune.

I also think so.

Hi there,

In addition to what has been written, you need to add a bass line, probably a syncopated one based on everything else you have going.

Good luck!