Need your critics on my Rejected track

Hi there! My last track was hard rejected. Please criticize it! What’s wrong with it! Thanx before!

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Hi! Listening your track now, and would like to be objective.
Nice athmospheric mood !
But you should continue to make some different part ( try to use another chord progression, melody instruments)
That only id like to say!. otherwise sound production not too bad to receive reject, by the way don`t give up !!
Happy New Year

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Thanx! happy New Year!

Hey! nice track and good idea!
I can see that you tried to do something special, original, and I like that, but I’m not curator… nice sounds, I agree with @TS-MP … more variations should be great!
I would like to help with some additional comments, … I found this a little bit experimental, especially from 1:53… you use a lead sooo low… I don’t know … I’m affraid this kind of sound is interesting but may be a little unpleasand for some ears.
what are you doing from 2:56? I didn’t understand this abrupt sound change at this point…
good luck!