Music Track Rejected, would love to hear feedback if anyone can help :)


I had a hard rejection today and I just wondered if anyone could help me realise what might be wrong with it.

I know I am still learning but I thought this is one of the better tracks I’ve uploaded and wasn’t expecting the rejection. I don’t know if maybe it’s the mastering that isn’t good enough or maybe just the music style they don’t like.

Any help or comments are much appreciated, thank you so much!


Hello Ben! Thank you for reaching out on the forum. I gotta first tell you to take my opinion with a grain of salt. I could be wrong or talking based on my experience so always more opinions would be helpful.

Hey, I think the composition itself is great. However the whole track seems a bit muddy on the mid-low end and not bright enough overall.

I would eq the low bassey strings a bit and make their volume lower. The panning on the high strings can be a little bit reduced as well. Also the high percussion sounds a tad harsh…
Don’t get too hung up on the mastering, mastering will only polish what you’ve alread done on the mixing stage.

Don’t give up, you make great melodies and the rest will eventually come! :slight_smile:

Hi RedLeafMusic, thank you so much for your reply and opinion.

After re-listening to it and reading your advice I can hear what you mean and yes I think you are right, I will definitely try and pay a bit more attention to these areas next time so thank you, your advice has been very helpful.

I also listened to your latest trailer music upload a moment ago, it is very good! And also sounds so clean in comparison to my rejected track, so perhaps that’s a good example of where I need to aim next time I’m mixing.

Appreciate that you took the time to listen to my track and respond, hope all is going well for you too!



No problem Ben, you got this! And thank you so much for checking my tracks out and for your nice words. It does really mean a lot to me. :slight_smile:

All the best!