Track rejected, could use any help/feedback

Hi there, i’m newbie, recently decided to put on sale one of my commercial tracks, but was refused, the reason is “does not meet quality standards.” I ask experienced authors to comment and point out the shortcomings that I should keep in mind. Would be very grateful:)


Over all I think it sounds good. I dig it.
Just a few things…
The intro seems fine but at 0:31 the bass line is conflicting with the guitar line. I don’t know where exactly but it might just be one or two bass notes fighting with one or two guitar notes and that is causing confusion. Maybe give the bass less notes…"cut a few and it will be perfect"
Have the bass stick to the tonic chord(bass note of the chord) a little more. I could be wrong though!
The kick and snare need to be way louder.

Thank you for such a detailed response, much appreciated!:slight_smile:
This is my second rejected track and I still don’t get where that line separates the suitable and the unsuitable tracks…

You’ll get it :slight_smile: Just takes time and effort, without a doubt it just takes time and effort.