My first track was hard-rejected. I'd really appreciate some constructive feedback please.

Having watched the webcast about Audiojungle rejections before I submitted anything I knew the expected standard was very high, so I’m not massively surprised my first track was rejected. Obviously, the reviewers don’t explain much about why tracks are rejected so I’d really appreciated any feedback on why you think this didn’t make the grade.

Many thanks in advance!

Composition is great and definitely very “inspirational” in my opinion.

Problem lies in the mix (it feels very lopsided to the left to me), and the sounds in general just aren’t quite up to par. Some better sample choices/libraries and production in general and I think this would work great.

One suggestion to help balance your left and right of the mix pretty quickly would be to double track your rhythm guitar and pan it hard L/R.


Hi Robert,

Wow! Thanks so much for the great feedback! I’m working on all your suggestions and it’s already sounding much better.


Glad to hear! Just thought I’d mention, when you are double tracking guitars, you really have to record each part separately in order for the effect to work. Some people just copy the track and pan L/R and maybe throw one out of phase a bit and it doesn’t have the same effect at all!

Thanks Robert. That’s what I’ve done. Thanks for the heads up. Much appreciated.