Newbie Rejected - Please Help

Hi guys!

I just posted my first track here on Audiojungle and it was rejected and the reason was:

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

I really don’t know if the track is maybe not mixed well enough or what that remark actually means.

Can some of you give me your opinions, would be much appreciated!


Hi mediacowboyz,

I’m definitely not an expert, and I dare not comment on other people’s works while my own works are getting rejected :sweat_smile: But since you asked for my opinion, well here it is:

It’s a very nice piece and I enjoyed listening to it. And I didn’t catch any mixing mistakes in it (although I do hear a little noise in 1:03-1:04 with the bass kick drum, not sure if it’s a problem with my headphone or what)…

The only thing that I “guess” could cause the rejection is lack of enough change in the main harmonic progression. You know? It feels like the piece has only one section and doesn’t completely move into a different section, like a piece with a simple AB form. But again, it’s just my speculation, that could be helpful or wrong. Hope it’s the former! :crossed_fingers:

Anyway, good luck with your next submissions, don’t get disappointed, and Happy New Year! :snowflake:

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thanks @ForgottenSounds!

Electric guitar sounds unnatural, all notes have the same velocity and it makes the main melody boring. I love the rhythmic elements! Sticks and toms sound good to me.


thanks for your feedback, I will try to work on the guitar!

I am not an expert at all, having only published two songs several years ago, and one last week!

The song sounds not too bad overall, the structure is ok but… yes… the guitar sounds wrong. When the song starts you even have the feeling you are not listening to 16bits/44kHz but rather to 8bits/16Khz… :slight_smile: No, I exagerate… , but something sounds not that good. And then, the velocities are always the same, this guitar sounds too mechanical, really.

I think this would be the main reason for rejection. Given the very large number of tracks in a similar genre, you really have to work on the guitar.

Then, the general mixing, clarity, can be improved as well, but first, yes, work on this guitar.
Make it slightly lower in volume, and play with the velocities.

Wish you success!

@frozenjazz thanks!

OK OK only instrument I suck in super bad at is guitar hahaha. :wink: thanks everyone!

I think the only problem is the guitar which sound harsh and a bit out of the mix, the track is cool but in my speaker is sound a bit muddy