My tracks keep getting rejected, any advice would be much much appreciated.

Hey there everyone – This was my second attempt at uploading a track and I was again met with failure. I would love to get your feedback on why you think my track is not up to par with the big players on audio jungle.

I truly appreciate all your feedback.


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Really cool idea of track ) But there are some nuances , the barrel can not be heard , need a right balance , because in solo guitar playing so loud that locks the ears ) and it is possible in some places to remove the wave becuase monotonous ) and late dry ) and so the track is not even bad in his style )))

I think the mix is good.
What I’d consider is removing the tremolo (or at least decreasing the depth) on the pad in the intro. For me it’s too pulsating. And a shorter intro in general can’t hurt (let’s say the whole track could start from 0:16 right as it is now). Still in the intro, those subtle sound effects hard panned left are a bit disturbing, I’d remove those completely.