Track rejected again - pls help!

Hello everyone!
Please help me, i can’t understand reasons for rejecting my tracks on and on. :sob:

If that helps, I don’t even know why your track was rejected. Maybe a little too aggressive sound? I have similar problems as you. Good luck!


The track sounds pretty good.
Purely my subjective opinion - the guitar sounds a little dirty (a lot of distortion) and also at the very beginning it sounds a little dry.
And the beginning of the track is the most important and decisive.
A bit lacking in layering.

This is what I noticed at first glance. Good luck!

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Interesting thing. I listened this track on the phone and studio headphones. In headphones track was strong, clear and powerful. i was just curious why this track rejected? But on the phone track was dirty, dry and sharp. Maybe reviewers listening tracks on smart phones ))?