Can someone offer some feedback please?

Hi All,
This was my first submission. I did my research and thought I’d reached the right standard, but this was rejected with the stock response regarding commercial standards and production etc.

I’ve since been listening closely to my track vs existing audio tracks and I have a few ideas about what went wrong here, but I dont know if my observations are right or not. Please offer your opinions on what you think stopped this being accepted so I know what I need to work on.

Thank you in advance for any feedback

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Hey Adam,

I think your idea is good, but the performance is nowhere near the high standards the reviewers are expecting. To me it sounds like a rough draft of a track. The guitar playing is sloppy, the delay settings aren’t right, the drums sound too basic, and there are various timing issues, unacceptable in a commercial product.

I suggest you listen to some of the top selling tracks here, and strive to reach the same level of perfection.

Best of luck!


Hey Soundset,
thank you for the honest feedback. I will listen closer. I had listened around thought it was ok - but Ill try again . Thanks for your time listening and replying

If you have a moment could you elaborate on what was wrong with the drums. You said they were too basic ? In which way? The groove, The Samples, The fills,l how they were mixed ? Just so Im crystal clear

I agree with, SoundSet! The idea is interesting and has a place to be! But you need to work on this! From the very beginning, the palm mute guitar plays dirty, you can immediately hear it, try to make it softer. Take time the drums, pick up a good sound snare drum that will work in the mix. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Rmix

I think it’s mostly about the ambience, and the compression. Right now the drums don’t sound like an organic part of the mix. But it could also be the samples. Like Rmixstudio said, try to find a more suitable snare for your track.

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Very loud SD drum
Intro no rhythm
Mixing problem

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Thank you Zigro, Soundset that really clarifies it - I did suspect that that the drums were a little loud and not sitting in the mix well. I’ll practice on that with my future mixes. I’m using east west’s pro drummer at the moment but was considering getting myself toontrack’s superior drummer as it looks a easier to achieve a good sound.
Do any of you have experience with it in this setting?

I am using EZdrummer

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I use superior drummer 3 :metal:. has more settings in it.


Cheers guys, Ive grabbed a demo of EZ drummer for now - I get 10 days. If it goes well I’ll probably start there and expand to superior later on as I hear they work well together

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Hey Soundset,

I am new to AJ and the forum but just after having read a few posts and comments I noticed that your replies and comments are really helpful! Thank you, the world needs more people like you.

Cheers from Germany

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