Thoughts on track before i submit?

Tried to simplify this one. Also could anyone help with the genre for submission?

@SethKL @BlueSkyAudio

Hello! Unfortunately on this track, the drum part is totally out of sync with the instruments. It sounds quite off. Can you hear what I’m hearing? I’m afraid if you upload the track like this, it will be rejected. Good job posting it here first to get some feedback! That’s a smart approach.

I did get a feeling of this for the opening bars but soon as the other instruments come in it seems to sync nicely. So are you saying the drums are not in sync with the rest of the music and not that they are out of time? I could, for example, fix the drum style so it is more suited to the music

I’m afraid it is never in sync at all. It’s definitely not working, both the intro and the rest of the track are equally problematic

The problem with the rhythm is that the loop you used are a shuffle rhythm with swung eights while the rest are playing straight eights. I agree thats maybe the the biggest problem. The track is also rather static with 4 bars repeating over and over and the only variation is that the drum loop are (abruptly) muted here and there.
The quality of the instruments are also a problem as it doesn’t sound authentic.
Guitars are (in my opinion) some of the hardest instruments sample and sound real, so maybe you should avoid that.
Hope this isn’t too harsh and that my comments are helpful :slight_smile:

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My skin is getting thicker by the upload :slight_smile:

I have programmed some more drums and got them to follow the rest of the track so it is sounding better. I will spice the variation up throughout the track and maybe drop the electric guitar for some keys. I do agree guitar is one of the hardest to authentically sample.