Tell me, pro, what’s wrong with this track? Thank you!

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Hi Borus,
the sound is good, thats not the reason. I think it’s about the repetitions. You repeat that 8 bar (3 chord) guitar pattern again and again. Maybe thats the reason. .but only maybe.


Ok, thanks you!

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Hi, the mix is too much mono to me. Your drums kit could sound larger with hi hats more on the right and ride more on the left. Same for cymbals. It sounds confine as it is. Check for volume balance between elements too. The snare is too quiet. It sounds like the kick is in front and loud and the rest of the kit far away and quiet. It sounds a bit messy in the mid with the guitar masking each other too much. Make them peak in each their place in the spectrum. You get static low frequency maybe too loud a bit which make the rest of te mix sound bogged down in it. I hope you understand my last sentence (was not easy to wrote what I wanted to say and english is not my first language). :wink: I like the composition and arrangement. Great vibe! I would add something new for the last 4 bars repetitions (ex: a pad) but just my taste. Maybe from 1:18 or 1:57.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Yeah the main issue I hear with this one is lack of stereo width. Also if it were me I would put it through a limiter to get it up to competitive levels of loudness. Not saying you need to squash it completely but your mix is completely unmastered and there’s really no reason to leave all that headroom. I think very few clients are going to go and master the track themselves. Usually people just want to be able to put the track directly into their video or other media and the last thing they want to do is download the track and then realize they have to master it themselves to get it up to competitive loudness levels