Yet another "why rejected" post.. :)

Hi there,
well, just trying to get some feedback, I was surprised to see this one rejected, wondering, as usual if it could be the mixing/mastering, audio balance… or simply the pure “commercial” aspect ?

Thanks !

It’s all good. A little resonance at 80 Hz.
There was a conflict kick, bass, and acoustic guitar. The scandals , intrigues, investigation. :blush:

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Hello! In my opinion in this track there is a bit not clear sound (I’m talking about mixing), there is not enough high frequency, and the instruments conflict with each other at medium frequencies and high mid. Also I will add that the drum part sounds a little outdated, and what an unpleasant sound there is (I can not understand only the guitar, or from the strings). Also I want to note that the sound is too dry and I did not have enough reverb. Good luck!

I hear two things:

-The bass is not sustained so it feels a bit sparse in the low end.

-The track is pretty laid back while the strings are a bit nervous. These two moods seems to fight one another, cancelling each other out.

Don’t know if these are the reasons.

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Thanks for your answers, my friends :slight_smile:

@FoxHorn: yes, I think I am not good here in the low end.

@CleanMagicAudio: I understand what you say about frequencies. But what do you mean here: “what an unpleasant sound there is (I can not understand only the guitar, toli from the strings” ?

@PurpleFogSound: the bass is sustained in the way it is played… but not in what we hear, I totally agree! I should do something with compression here. Clearly the track is a bit shy on the low end.
But I think you have found something here, and now listening again to the track… I agree: my staccato strings are not really in phase with the quiet background. I will definetely re work this!

Thanks everyone for your answers, it really helps improve!

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Most likely it’s a sound, from a guitar. He is clearly auditioned at the very beginning of the track.

The bottom end is too messy.
You can support the kick drum with a tight and punchy bass.
Same for mid frequencies. In the middle areas, the instruments are fighting for space. You should create space for these instruments with some basic EQ techniques.

And the composition is fine in my opinion.

Good Luck

Thanks, it seems there is a consensus here: I have to work on my mixes :slight_smile: