Item rejected. Can't see why. Please help.

Can you help me to see why my item was rejected? It is probably a too long single file, is that an issue enough to be a couse of rejection. Can you find more flaws in it? Thank you!

You may try to improve your mix

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Too repetitive also

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Thank you! What’s wrong about it? We’ve actually tried to base the mix on how the most popular items are mixed.

Really? I was afraid it was TOO LITTLE repetitive.

From what I heard drums are poorely mixed and it damages the overall quality of sound. Kick drum seem to stand out, especially in the beggining.


i agree with that

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Yeah I agree, it’s way too long/repetitive. It’s an art to make it just interesting enough without changing the sound too much for it to work in the background. 5+ minutes is a bit too much here.

The instruments also sound a bit too lifeless. If you use sampled guitar you need to mask it better with more delay/reverb or it becomes very stale.

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Hey @Anarcovision -

Nice track! I hear just a few things that might be keeping this from approval on AJ:

  1. MIX - There is unbalance in the stereo field, with the left channel containing too many elements of your song. The kick drum sounds pretty thin, might improve with a boost at 100-150Hz

  2. ARRANGEMENT - The main motif does become a bit repetitive. I notice you tried to thin it out in places for variation, but it doesn’t quite vary enough, IMO.

  3. INSTRUMENTATION - The swells you use at 1:54, 2:38 and later in the track are not in the right key and are quite unpleasing to the ear.

Hope that helps! I think with just a little more melodic and structure variation, and getting a nice balanced stereo field will help a lot. Good luck!



Thank you SpinToneMusic, Flumen, Mesamune and blair_jersyer!
That was very illustrative. I get it. You’re all very kind!

I reworked the track making it shorter and several versions, and I tried to follow the tips you gave me here in the forum. Now it’s ready to be sent again. Could you please give me your opinion of it before I do?