Feedback please: Why was this track rejected?

Any ideas on why this was rejected?

I’d change the drums first.

@StudioProject, appreciate the feedback.

ok, but why?
what’s wrong with them?

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about the drums: I would change the rhythm and the sound in general.

thanks @StudioProject ! :smile:
Can you be a little more specific about the changes in the drums.
What is it that you think is not working? Not enough bass? not enough punch?
too simple?
I mean there are many ways the drums could go, but is this really the reason you think it was rejected?

Drums are one of the reasons.

Entirely the opposite.
Kick drum is way too busy and there are excessive sub frequencies rumbling throughout the entire track.

Not enough harmonic information or texture.

Nice chords but probably shouldn’t be so up front in the mix.

Thanks @EightBallAudio !
I hear you an the kick, you’re right!
I had wandered about the chords being too loud myself so I guess they are!
The rumble was intentional though and so was the lack of texture. I wanted to keep it simple, kinda stripped down. No good?
I’ve heard very similar stripped down tracks work very well mostly as an underscore.

Nice underscore idea, but I think you should go more straight with the drums, I thin the main issue is that the drums is very busy, in term of kick first, and then hat movement and pattern. There’s nothing wrong to have it more fast etc, but maybe you can find something more simple and “ear candy”, also don’t forget that if you main to have it underscore, HIGH frequency need to be a bit reduced (on your hat) because if someone wants to talk and speak with your track on background it could create some messy feeling with the “SSSSSS” and if the person is a girl !

For example you can go with a smooth and warm shaker loop! And maybe pitch down some of your hat ?

Also to balance with the HIGH hat, you can go for warm Rhodes chords as layer from your guitar chords, have it like constant and warm in the background will help your work to be more glued. Find2 Rhodes sound for example and set it up like one in the left, one in the right. No too much panned, but to have it balanced

And then you can reduce a bit the duration maybe, especially since the whole tend to repeat a lot, nothing wrong with that again, but maybe a balance can be find ! :slight_smile: