Well, hard reject. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Some nice ideas here, but overall the track sounds pretty amateurish. The recording and mixing quality are both sub par, the timing of the instruments feels off at times. Also, the track could use a better build as it just plods along after 1:15 or so. It’s difficult to give a simple recommendation as frankly everything needs to be improved here.

  • A bit out of tune in places

  • A bit out of time also

  • Bass guitar too busy

  • Snare drum panned too far at right (distracting)

  • Track too repetitive (all in all)

  • Ends in a strange fashion

  • Sounds too much like a demo

You’d be well advised to listen to some AudioJungle categories (folk, country, etc) and try to match the general quality there (composition-wise, mix, etc). All is not lost, since you know how to play instruments, so the work lies in getting a better grasp of what this library is about, in my humble opinion. Good luck. :slight_smile:


@Nonzerobot said everything…

I feel the idea, don’t give up. :slight_smile:

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Hey, I like it musically, it’s a nice care-free acoustic track. It’s all in the mix and recording.

Did you try listening on headphones? The panned snare is very odd and distracting, while the majority of the rest of the instruments are all very mono in the centre. I would recommend watching a bunch of mixing tutorials on youtube and getting a better idea of how to pan, compress, EQ, and add subtle reverb to all these instruments.

As for timing and tuning, basically you have to remember that tracks on Audiojungle need to be (on the whole) super commercial, so both timing and tuning need to be spot on with little room for artistic licence.

I look forward to hearing your first accepted tracks!

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Thank you all for your input.


What about this one?

  • The drums is totally out of tempo.
  • The mix fails.
  • It´s not commercial for AJ.
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Thank you all.

Ouch! :slight_smile: track deleted? :frowning: wanted to help…
good luck!

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