Hello,i need feedback about my item rejected...



Hello everyone,I’m Pascal,from France,excuse my English :slight_smile: I need help to understand why my two first items were rejected…

the link of the last item


Thank you for your help…


Hi @BONNAF. The thing that pops out at me is the vocal. In particular the lower tone “mmm” is too upfront and dry in the mix. While the rest of the vocal parts are better, they too could stand to be sitting better in the mix with some reverb and less in front. The energy of the guitar and percussion is great. Keep working on the mix. With good polish this could really shine. :slight_smile:


I am not an expert, I think it is a good track for audiojungle, but the mix needs improvement…


Hi MidnightSnap…Thanks a lot for your feedback…


Hi DastAudio…Thank you for your feedback…


Hi there,

I like the general idea and the feel of the track, it has a nice, “live” feel. The problems are definitely in the mix.

Overall the entire mix lacks transparency and openness, the track sounds like it wasn’t recorded and mixed on good gear. The mix sounds kind of “scratchy” and that’s because you have you have conflicts in the higher frequencies. There is a lot going on there with the guitar strumming noise and the brush snare, later tambourine, etc. Try clearing that up and define the instruments better, for example by reducing the highs of the snare.

Also play around with panning. So much is happening in the middle. Put the guitar slightly to the side and the marimba to the other - a little will go a long way.

Like @MidnightSnap said, the vocals are definitely too muddy in this context - they are the ones that need more high frequencies, less low mids and no bass. But first, make sure to clear the other instruments so that you create space for the vocals.

Finally, I am not sure what is going on at 0:48, this sounds weird harmonically, as if you made an artificial cut there, check this out again - is everything playing/singing what it should?

Keep working on this track, it has potential. Good luck!


Hi Firstnote…thank you very,very much for your constructive feedback…it’s a hard rejection…you think i can rework it?..

Thanks again…


Hey, yes, if you make significant changes to a track you can resubmit it. In this case, I would really sit down and rework the entire mix, maybe even rerecord where necessary.


Ok…i will do this…

Thanks again…