Need feedback guys

Hi guys, need some feedback from you! Why I have received the hard rejection? I was hoping that I’ll take a soft)

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Great potential with this track. However, I think the mix has issues. To my ears the drums are muffled sounding and not cutting through. The double-tracked lead guitar is so big it overpowers the other guitars. So I think some EQ and volume balancing will help. The arrangement is a bit repetitious as well. The lead guitar phrase could be changed up slightly here and there to avoid that repetition. There are some nice transitions and counter playing between the guitars and drums. Keep working it! :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the answer, thanks.))) I’ll give attention to those aspects which you have noted!!!

I agree … It has potential but there is problematic mix :slight_smile: Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks. Every day is better than yesterday)

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I like your optimism :slight_smile: Audiojungle is marathon. The most important thing is: not give up ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Good luck, be patient and you’ll get it !

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man personally i think the reviewer was just having a bad day or something :stuck_out_tongue: i think this sounds great!


Our opinion is that the track is good & deserves attention! :v:

Hi, I am currently listening with consumer average headphones…

I can say that I love the track, the composition, the sounds, the transitions, the fx (flanger ?)) everything is on point for me.
The only thing is the mix: I agree with others, the main doubled guitar is too loud compared to the other elements, so the drums seem to be weak, but they are not in reality. And the other guitar is also a bit lost.

I don’t see anything else negative to say… it totally rocks ! :slight_smile:

Hi!)Flanger?)Yes it is)well it is necessary to find the correct balance and more brightness I gues. Thanks for your help guys I appreciate)

Hi! Great track, but quality is not commercial for audiojungle. Mix must be brighter. Add more dynamic.

This is a generalization.

Good luck! And have a nice day)

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therefore waited for soft rejection, and the instruction that to correct in mixing.:sob: