Hard Rejection Feedback

Here we are again! What do you think?


I´m in the street with earphones, but i think you need more low frecuencies. And the break at 0:32 (around) sounds a little bit strange.

Hi there!
Dude, something just gone wrong, somewhere inside of this hiding an amazing track. Sadly, it’s hidden by all that noise, i don’t really know where it coming from. Mix levels seems to be alright, but you definitely need to check everything, specially your gear. Played nicely, melody is cool, production just threw it all down. Maybe, part of this loss is soundcloud quality, but your mix must survive this reduction.

Hello @Manriquedelara and @FireLast,
thanks for the feedback, I appreciate!

I tried to make some adjustmens, so I revisited the overall balance tweaking again instrument’s volume, panning, EQ etc. Than I tried to find and reduce some noise. I guess it came from the power chord guitar and the bass guitar so I reduced it.

The result is a little bit more clean and full sound I guess, at least I hope so lol
Just let me know if I’m going in the right direction and if, in your opinion, there could be some arrangement issue too that “does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production standard” thing.

Here’s the revised version:

Hi! First of all, cool song! Really nice ideas and riffs there.
I think the main problem in the mix is around the drums. The kick and snare sound a bit dull (too dark and over compressed), while hats and cymbals seem to be too loud (just a bit). and the hats sound kind of unnatural for me. Not tragically, I wouldn’t say they sound “MIDI”, because it’s not bad, they are just not as good as could be. You could try different samples or different EQ-ing at least. Or try adding some live tambourines played with a drumstick on your lap, if you can do that. That can support hi hats brilliantly and give them some air and liveliness.
Maybe you could also try less delay on the rhythm guitars. Yeah, I know… what? less delay? am I mad? :slight_smile: But in this case it might clean up the act.

Hi @SixideBeats! Very nice feedback, thank you! Let’s see what I can do here.