Hard rejection of Rock Pop track: what is wrong?

Hi all,

someone can suggest me what is wrong in my last track, rejected?


Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Hey RobertoFlora.
I think it is a good song and you could save it with some changes I think. To me the main muted guitar sounds too rigid or the accents are too strong, or maybe it’s just too loud. The second snare drum sounds a bit off and is dragging the whole song off for me. The hi hats are getting killed by the soundcloud compression but it can be a sign that there is a problem with them. Most time it would be poor quality sampled hats causing this or maybe you have over eq’d your hats. Maybe look at compression on the Bass and eq too, at times the bass has a slight ‘farty’ sound to it and jumping out at 27 secs for instance. Best of luck. It’s a good tune.


Thanks so much @AzaTrend for the advices!
I used only one snare drum and the claps over the snare in the same points.
For the muted guitar, maybe the accents are wrong… the notes of the bass line have in some point different velocity, do you think it’s better that the velocity is always equal?

Thanks again!

About the snare I mean the double hit throughout. It is too repetitive for a live snare sound snare I think, maybe mess around with different velocities and quantizes’ and release time. I try to get my bass close in volume and I think for a song like this it is best but it is better to use your ear than eye for the right level. All the best

Many thanks, very kind! :slight_smile: hope to find a better solution, all the best to you! :smiley:

Hi all, I uploaded a new version of the track with a different ending, I changed the velocity of the bass at some point and I used an other drum, but I’ve got a new rejection… Some other advice? What you think @AzaTrend?

Thank you! :slight_smile: