Hard reject fourth

Hello) Please help! Hard reject twice without any explanations. Maybe I put the track in the wrong category (pop)

Hello @grasov. You may get more feedback from others if you copy the code for the embedded SoundCloud player and paste it in your post instead of the link to the SoundCloud page. That way, we can listen to your song right in your post as opposed to leaving the page like we have to now.

I like your song and think it has potential. I can hear it fitting nicely with all kinds of video. However, I think it may have been rejected because of the mix. At :27, when the track takes off, I really like the melody, but I think the stereo field might be used more effectively, and the drums and guitars might need a little more work.

I really don’t think you’re that far off from a nice track. I think this could be really good with a little more work.

Search for other songs that are similar to yours here at AudioJungle (I think your song would fit better in rock than pop), and listen closely to how they are mixed.

Also, there are all kinds of great mixing tutorials and articles out there. Here’s a website I visit from time to time that you might like: https://theproaudiofiles.com/.

Good luck!

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Awesome sound. Put some attention on main section drum rhythm, especially snare drum and hi-hat/ Good luck:))

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Very cool track!
I don’t know… I listened several times some fragments and it sounds well to me. Maybe the melody line should be clear from 0:33…
the end sounds a little bit weird to me… it’s just an opinion.
good luck!

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Hard reject third time! These guys realy make me mad

I think the reason is 2 ideas. After 0:27 the song takes another direction.

what kind of direction? Same key, same tempo, same instruments after 0:27. I don’t understand, it’s just intro & outro, and main theme with extension

That’s is just my thoughts. since you got it rejected a third time and I don’t hear any obvious mixing problem I think that maybe it has to do with the arr, I don’t hear many songs here with extensions and in the most songs the same part start over again in after 30 sec with small changes, like adding a snare or something. I might be wrong, I’m not an expert, still learning.

Hmm…like this?)

Yes, I think you’ve got a much better Audiojungle structure here!

Thank You Guys!!!
Santa-Barbara continues

And one more track from the second part

Dude, I was rejected like 10 times before my first item got approved. Keep going, listen to the top sellers more.

sure, but i have aproved items. Don’t understood whats wrong with another. And i get it, i think)

Hard reject for the fourth time

If it gets rejected that many times, try selling the track on a different site :stuck_out_tongue:
I like it entirely man.