Hard rejection, need your advice, what is wrong? Thanks a lot)

Track was uploaded to folk/acoustic category, and I don’t understad, what is wrong with it. Maybe it’s to loud, or to similar… Please give your advice.

I’m not an expert, but I got one of my tracks accepted while the other was rejected. I love your track, but my best guess is that there’s too much in the way of melodic phrases going on. Most people need tracks to fit under a visual and if it’s too distracting, they may not want to use it. Again, this is my best guess.

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Thanks for your opinion)

I think the mix is the problem here, its a nice track. But the drums are lost, mix is pretty chaotic and not clear, rhythm guitars are too loud, drums are low, snare is weak and dull. Make the mix more in your face and punchy!

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Thank you :blush:

I really love your track! I think this could work perfectly as a background… I imagined your music in a cooking recipe, for example. It’s perfect!
Maybe I agree with @Bail_Out_Productions the melodic phrases are so rich in notes, maybe I would do this more simple… but again, imagine this music in a cooking recipe! it’s perfect! :slight_smile:
congratulations for your work and good luck!

Thanks, I’ll try do make it more simple. Thank you once again

Hi there,

Wow, you’re a great musician!

In addition to what has been written, I think the lead patch for the B section is probably out of place, I would find something more natural/folksy/imitative to replace it, maybe harmonica or accordion or something like that. That patch is sort of the odd man out.

Still, BRILLIANT job!

Good luck!

  • Nathan

Thanks a lot :blush:

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Hello. Very good track. But here the simpler the better. Once there was the same question - why the track was rejected. Although that track was on par with Beethoven or Mozart, it was too complicated for background music. I think the reason is this. But the track is really very good. Good luck to you!

Thank you for your help, I’ll try to do more simple next time)