Hard reject need help


This track was rejected definitively , I do not understand why, can you help me understand ?
thank you all.

  1. Your music inspired me. It is an excellent track in my opinion.
  2. My indie-rock too was rejected couple weeks ago.
  3. Keep your mind off this! Create new music!


It’s a great track, no worries. However, for it to be top notch, you could consider shaving off some low end from the guitars and doubling them one more time using a drier amp/sim setting and opening up the drums by making the snare and kick louder and more trebly, upping the fader on the overheads and probably adding another drum bus, highly compressed and rich in high frequencies, this track begs for more treble and in-your-face drums and that’s probably the main issue. :smiley:
I like to think that reviewers sometimes reject a track to spare the author of reinventing the mix, which can be a real pain.


Thank you very much for your comments, unfortunately these works last for days and when you have a rejection is not nice. But you have to look forward and accept that too. Music has no limits. thank you brother and good sound.


Dear ToneCrate - This track was rejected definitively! : In changes there is no sense!


Good luck to you


Of course I know that. Floriansound asked for possible causes of rejection, I see no harm in providing opinion on ways to improve this track. After all, he’s not gonna dump it somewhere and forget it, there are always ways to sell tracks that were rejected here, why not improve them as much as you can.


I thank you for the good advice, I will take it during my productions and I’ll be more careful. I’m learning slowly and the world of mix is wonderful. Thank you guys.


+1 to @ToneCrate Nice track ! Do what he say and upload new version ! Good luck !


you’re right and it is what I will do . Give me some advice, the drum loop is good for you or do I rebuild ? Thank you man.


i have to say it honestly, i am a music fan and i just love listening to music but have no competence about judging the quality of it or whatever, so i am not sure that my opinion is very valuable. However, maybe this is good for you to have someone like me sharing his opinion, so here we go. Indeed, i personally love your item, this is really electrifying and i am a rock fan , the only thing is that maybe you should have a slight music variation at a time in the track, changing the rhythm so that it reinforces the rock side of the track and makes it a bit less “long lasting” or repetitive , but , to tell you how i feel , for me like this is really good and i enjoyed listening to your music buddy , that’s my kind of music :wink:


About drum loop… I think when you turn up the volume of kick may be worth make it a little less often in a loop, but it will be clear after you will done remix.


Working out why tracks are rejected is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult. This is one of the difficult times. Personally I really like the track, and, although slight changes could be made to the mix, I think the recording and production quality is very good. The only thing I can think of is perhaps having a melodic point of interest over the main guitar riffs. Whether this is vocals or instrumental, maybe this would transform the song and get you the ‘thumbs up’ from the reviewers.


I thank you for the compliments and comments. These days I’m working on another rock song, I hope to finish it as soon as possible. I hope you follow me. thank you.


yes i would be happy if u follow me too … and u are welcome , i use to tell what i think, and i really liked this music as i mentioned , now for the rejection, apart from what i mentioned, i have no idea what u should do ;… but i wish u the best :wink: