Hard Rejection

Hi there
I’ve got hard rejection on this track. And I have no idea why.
Please help me to know what is wrong. Is it mixing, arrangement or something else?

Nice track, nice composition. The sounds you used have this 90’s vibe, which might be frowned upon by the reviewers. I think they are looking for more modern, cutting edge material.

Best of luck!

Hello Major Rust,

I agree it’s a very good composition, the songwriting is good and it’s interesting to listen to.
However I believe the reason for the rejection is the quality. There is a constant crackle sound going on throughout the composition and that is a huge reason to reject it.
On the other hand I think the kick and bass are clashing. At least the kick for some reason is not cutting through the mix, I would be more careful with the samples I choose.
I would suggest soloing the kick (just like how it sounds in the intro section) and add elements 1 by 1 until you find the conflicting element(s), eq and re do it.

I hope that was a bit helpful, you are writing really good music and you will be able to do it. :slight_smile:

hi Major Rust

Nice Idea.
1- I can’t hear your kick.
2- I think you must choose a better snare, it’s thin.
3- piano EQ, and reverb. it better be softer.
4- and final thing is the form, (verse-chorus or/and bridge)

best wishes

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Hi my friend, Honestly, Honestly the music was a bit complicated. Voices intertwined and there is a hoarse crackling sound also I suggest you work a little softer and cleaner. For example the piano has too much echo, you need to reduce it. I hope i can help. Good luck.

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