I would like to have some feedback on hard rejection

Hi my summer friends. Today i was blessed with hot and sunkissed rejection. I was working hard on my track but there were some issues didn’t worked with it. I would like to know what’s in your mind after giving a listen. I have my suspictions about a pair of decisions that maybe went wrong with the production that i will answer later after a couple of responses just to avoid influence your ideas.
Thank you very much my friends composers for your time and energy!

The whole track sounds to me like an unfinished demo.

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thank you for your answer but i dont get it. If you don’t mind…would you please be more specific?. Do you mean there is a lack of more instruments, bad mixing, need more rythm changes…? :slight_smile:

Hi @Octopusic, I think from 0:00 to 1:36 is a bit empty, maybe I would add something else, more instruments.

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This song is too complex (loads of different stuff happening) and also mix is weak: drums not punchy, weak kick without lows. snare too loud, and everything else very thin sounding!

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Yeah, mix/master are not quite good enough… Maybe some changes in the arrangement could be useful, better libraries will get you some advantage.

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I think the whole song sounds too thin you need some extra bass on that kick!
I guess thats why it feels a little empty

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Thanks very much to everyone for your answers. After 24h rejection time and your point of views I get a brief idea of what could happen to the track.

My first impression after H.R. was that bassline sounds a bit weird but then as @Pandocrator says it maybe for the lack of kick bass bottom freqs that accompanies guitarbass sounds. And another one as @Pandocrator points out it is that snare drum bit high in volume.
I don’t agree it is a too complex track because I like things happening but thank you for your advice on this.

Thanks so much for your support @Audioland, @CleanmagicAudio, @Pandocrator, @RainyAudio, @DeMenegazzo