Hard rejection.. what do you think about the track?

I got a hard rejection for this track:

Have you got any advice? Thank you in advance!

It’s good! But, it feels a little “half-done”, you’ve got a couple good ideas but it doesn’t feel fully fleshed out I don’t think. Too much repetition, not enough development. Skin it back by about a minute and build to a break about 60% of the way through then take it to an ending.

Hey @SoopSound, in addition to @RobertReid’s comment I would say there is some unconventional panning going on. I’m not 100% sure that would lead to a hard rejection on it’s own, but listening on headphones it is a little distracting. Snare panned quite far left, hi-hat panned far right… Try and think more ‘commercial’ without being too experimental.

@RobertReid @AlisterBunclark Thank you very much! I will listen back to the song with your comments in mind and rework the track.

On some crappy speakers i thought the arpeggiated celesta was to loud and the overall balance sounded weird. How did that sound on your speakers?

You were really helpful, thanks!