Track Got Hard Rejected

Hi Guys,
I know Its Rejected Cuz its not that great but i posted it here to have technical criticism to move on and Develop needed skills
i know you guys are great and will keep me on point
the track:

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Wow great track, maybe a bit over-produced and not mixed well.

Thank you for your support, it’s really appreciated !
For the mix I did not expect that now they need a high end, that makes you put much effort into a track that may be rejected for other reasons.

any idea about standards?!

thank you

the whistle melody is quite dry, many sounds are very dull lacking of highs and excitement and life. Also pretty mechanical feel, you should use more realistic samples and approach

Thank you for your constructive criticism, that hit the spot…

Hello @COLDphoenixMusic!
I think what you use very different emotions in this work! Sounds unusual and interesting. But twice in this track I was waiting for another progress. In 0:11 and 0:28.
Such tricks are interesting and give this work some fresh but i will be use it only in free creativity.
The buyer wants to hear what he immediately understands and know (sounds, harmony, emotional etc).
Remember! This is just only my opinion. Maybe i did not see main point…

Hi @Romull, your thoughts and opinions are always welcome, your positive criticism is a great help to me.
Thank you