Hard Reject. Need some feedback


I got hard rejected with standard answer - “this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard…"
Need some feedback, please. What’s wrong with it?


With this track you try to compete in the most saturated genre where only the very best tracks survive. This track fades in comparison to what is already out there. It sounds too midi, lacks warmth, dynamics and is not expressive enough.

Thank you for your opinion!
However, for example, here is another one of my tracks. And this track, probably does not have much more warmth, dynamics and expressive enough. But it was approved and sold! So, I don’t see much difference between them…

But thanks anyway!

It’s not so much about an individual track. It’s about the general tendency of reviewers to reject more and more standard corporate tracks. It’s been happening for months now and manifests itself in the number of “my track is rejected” threads on the forum.

Generally speaking, with every “reversed cymbal/dotted eight delay/ four-on-the floor kick” accepted the chances for the next track fall. So in a way, unless you bring something new to the table or your production really shines, you are cannibalizing yourself. Good luck!

Now I understood what you were talking about. Thank you very much!

In my opinion piano part at 0:34 is a bit too loud and in your face( I would move acoustic guitar of the center too). And bass sincopes every 4 bars break the groove a tad. Good luck!

Thank you!