Hard Reject - help?


I know they’ve been tightening up on submissions recently but I’m genuinely stumped, I thought this was a decent track. Any ideas on why you think it might have not made the cut?



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Anybody have ideas?

To be honest, no! I’ve not done much in this sort of style so I might be missing things, but if it had been my track I’d have been pleased with it and surprised that had been HR’d. Not much help I’m afraid…

Hi there, really cool track!
There are some things that come to mind.
Mixing stuff: The cymbal is pretty loud, the guitars could have more clarity and be wider.
Arrangement: It’s kind of repetitive, so some more variation would go a long way.

Great song and playing though!

very cool track ))) only mine is the drums sound louder than the guitar , there is no balance )))

Thanks guys, maybe I need to revisit the mix and panning a bit then.

The cowbell playing at the same time with cymbals (and everything else) all the time might decrease it’s added value to the song. Try some more variations maybe. And yes, the cymbals are a bit too loud.

This is a very good track. Great riffs, excellent guitar playing. I don’t think the mix is great, and the overall volume could be brought up, but there is a rawness and attention to detail in your production which I admire, you have made much more effort that most people do. There is very little market for rock music on AJ; I have put many rock tracks on AJ and hardly get any sales. If you want a reference for overall mastering volume, and the relative volume of guitars/drums, here is a Soundcloud link for one of my rock tracks:

I wanted to post a soundcloud link because Soundcloud plays at a lower volume than AJ previews. (This is not a fault with either website, it’s just how they have chosen to set their volume level)

I don’t think the cymbals are too loud, it’s just that the overall guitar volume and is a bit lower, especially for an instrumental track where you don’t have to worry about leaving room for vocals. I really like how you’ve done the drum fills and little variations, it’s really excellent. It should take very little work to make this track AWESOME.

I think drums is too loud. And track may be too long.

Thanks for the extra feedback guys. It’s weird that you think something is good until you get some other views and then realise things need fixing!

I’m increasingly realising I need to get more critical distance between myself and any tracks I am working on. If I listen to something too many times I find I often start filtering out the faults. If I put the track one side for a couple of days and then come back to it, it’s amazing what then leaps out as obviously wrong - which are often issues that are quite easily fixed.

It’s just difficult to have the patience to do this when one wants to get tracks up and running as soon as possible!