Hard reject - any ideas?


It’s been a while since I’ve had a hard reject but I need some help, I thought this one was alright. What do you guys think? Be gentle, I’m a delicate wall flower,


I think the song is very cool.
P.s. Maybe you can better work with panning your additional guitars.

I have no idea why this one got hard rejected. I could write worn out shabby guesses like “maybe it’s too repetitive”, and such. But the truth is it sounds great, has a cool groovy feeling and I can imagine a ton of good commercial uses for it.
Looks like some odd rejections are happening lately all around AJ, they’ve been throwing back some really nice tracks (including this one). I guess only the reviewers know really why.

It is really sounds great! Have no idea((

Thanks, I was a little perplexed as well. I’ll just chalk it up as ‘one of those things’ I guess.

@TenRoomsAudio I agree with @LuckyBlackCat about panning, but I don’t think that’s the reason for this rejection. Track is awesome , especially like the sound of your guitar , very nice dude !!!

Reason for this hard reject: It sounds better than 90% of other stuff on AJ.

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The problem is mainly eq I think. Less low mid on the guitars and more hi mid and treble. Those instruments sound muffled I think, they miss definition.Check too the organ. Cutting more low end on every instruments except bass and bass drum would make the mix breathe more. You have too many things in the low mid area. The only instruments that really breathe are hi hats and cymbals. It needs more hi mid and treble in general. I hope it can help! :slight_smile: I love the mood of the track!