Hard Reject... Seriously?!

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Wow. That track awesome! maybe its to good for Aj?)

And if without sarcasm? What could they reject?

No sarcasm! i really like track! i twice today improvise on guitar with this track!)

I had something in that style rejected to (commercial standart) :c

Oh/ Sorry. Thanks bro) I think i will try upload it one more time

No problem!) If you rejected again lets to cooperation on this track! i have some ideas with my space solo guitar : D

Ok) I’ll keep it on mind)

Hi @TinsRecords, I am also a fan of this track, it’s great!! But the snare from 1:17 and the crash there sounds a bit too harsh to my ears, also the distorted guitars, and maybe overall the compression is too much… But the main problem I think is at 1:17 the harshness and shortness of the cymbal crash. But it’s definitely worth a re-submission!!

Thanks dude. I’ll check it.