Hard Reject - Feedback and hugs are needed

Good day! So… I got a hard reject again, I think since the previous reject the quality got a bit better but obviously something is still missing. I really suspect my mixing is the culprit.
Could I get help with this track?

Thanks in advance guys, really love this forum.

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Maybe the piano should not have a delay on it? I dont know. Try adding OTT (free multiband) on the master with low depth.

I just got rejected aswell and am quite frustrated. I did browse through my category and there are many same quality tracks being sold. It would really help to get some feedback from the reviewer when being rejected… at least for the first time.

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Yeah, it gets a bit confusing. I would guess that with the amount of people sending stuff to review they wouldn’t have much time to give detailed feedback, but at least a “the mix is weak” or something like that would help a bit more. Ah well, that’s life.
I really liked that track, that got rejected? The only thing I noticed would be the ending is a bit strange for a commercial thing (thinking how someone would “use” the thing), but otherwise… I’m still not quite sure. I’ll listen to it more and comment if something else comes by!

The main lead( electric piano or synth) is a bit too dark and burried in the mix. The electric guitar is quite bitey (nosy and thin) - try to reduce around 3,5 kHz- and is fighting with the main lead. There are some unpleasant harmonic construction due to this thing. The reversed cymbals are screaming way too loud . If the rest of the tracks in the production would be open and brighter that should not be a problem. And there are some rhytmical issues between the instruments.AJ does not encourage mechanical sounding tracks, but please, pay attention to the timings. This annomalies makes your tracks sounds out of its natural groove.Hope that helps.

That helps a bunch, thanks a lot! Yeah, listening to it after a few days the track just feels… strange and even more paying attention to what you said. I’ll write this down, thanks again!

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